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How can I know what should I do?

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Evernone knows the sentence to do what you should do is the best, but how to know what is what you should do or what is your mission in your life?
What you should do is not decided by your parents, your boss, your friends and neither by anyother people, it is decided by you yourself.
To tell what you should do follow below possibly:
1. Select things what you like or what your are interested in.
2. The thing you like must from your deep mind, not from how much money it can bring you now.
3. Pay all attention to do what you like.
4. After pay all attention to do things you like 1 year or more, you find you are expert in what you like, then it is what you should do.
5. After one year more attention, you find you are not expert in doing it and it always makes you exhausted instead of making you happy and relaxed, the thing is not what you should do, and then please find another thing what you like and follow steps above.
Note: Only the thing you are interested in, can make you more relaxed and happy during doing it, and it is from your nature and your mission God gives you.

Hope you can find your mission by above talk.

Dr Wang

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It is the time to rethink Cinnamon for Diabetes!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

As we all know, Cinnamon is taken as a popular natural herb for diabetes patients, and it is true that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar in some degree, but recently I received one patient from Canada  called Renzo, he has always been taking Cinnamon for long years to treat diabetes, after years passed, he is still in diabetes condition though his blood sugar is not that much, but he gets hot feeling on face, hands and foots often before he sleeps, and this hot feeling makes him not to sleep well.

Here, I will explain some points and then people will easily understand:

1. It is true that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar in some degree, there are many scientific articles claimed this.

2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Cinnamon is excessive hot, tastes pungent and sweet.

3. Diabetes is characterized by excessive hungry, excessive thirsty, excessive losing weight and highest blood sugar in earlier and middle stage; in late stage, fatigue, weakness, and multi-complications and multi organs failure are main problems, in this stage, blood sugar level is not that much.

4. In traditional Chinese Medicine, Diabetes in earlier and middle stage belongs to Type I Diabetes which is diagnosed as Yin(Water Property Substance) Deficiency & Blood Heat, in this stage, if you take cinnamon, it will increase hot toxic in the blood, and will worsen diabetes because it is excessive hot herb, that is why Renzo will appear hot feelings on his face, legs and hands before he sleeps; Diabetes in late stage belongs to Type II Diabetes which is diagnosed as Yang (Fire Property Substance) Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes, in this stage, if you take cinnamon, it is correct because its excessive hot property will adjust body’s Yang Deficiency, and your body will become better and better or to prevent diabetes becomes worse.

5. Above information also reminds us that focusing on blood sugar level only can not deal diabetes finally, focusing on fixing body’s function and symptoms changes is the correct way to treat Diabetes.

Hope this article will help diabetes people especially who are taking cinnamon can pay attention to use Cinnamon.