Deep Breath for Diabetes

We have talked the way of using jujube pits to help diabetes patients’ recovery in daytime, it is easy to do and effective for your health.

Now I will introduce another way to do before you sleep, it is also easy and helpful for your health, it is Deep Breath.

How to do deep breath?

After you go to bed, please lie down calmly and try to forget everything and focus attention to your breath, and then inhale the air, the slower the better, till you can not inhale more air, then stop and hold breath, till you can not hold, and then exhale the air, the slower the better, till you can not exhale more air, this is one time deep breath. To do nexth deep breath as the way above, till you sleep unconsciously.

How deep breath works for diabetes?
Deep breath can make lung system and kidney system works together much more better: Lung system offers water-property substance for kidney system to nourish kidney yin, while most diabetes patients in earlier and middle stage is in yin deficiency status.

Deep breath can increase pressure in chest, so blood can into extremities much more easier to nourish, so deep breath can improve limb numbness and blurred vision etc. which are caused by bad microcirculation.

Deep breath can reduce nerve excitement, so it can do great help for sleep.

Deep breath also  can improve digestion functions.

So deep breath not only does good for diabetes, but for everyone, including the health, the sub-health and patients, to practise Deep Breath every day before you sleep, is a good habit of excercise, it will help you gain health back.



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