How can I know what should I do?

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Evernone knows the sentence to do what you should do is the best, but how to know what is what you should do or what is your mission in your life?
What you should do is not decided by your parents, your boss, your friends and neither by anyother people, it is decided by you yourself.
To tell what you should do follow below possibly:
1. Select things what you like or what your are interested in.
2. The thing you like must from your deep mind, not from how much money it can bring you now.
3. Pay all attention to do what you like.
4. After pay all attention to do things you like 1 year or more, you find you are expert in what you like, then it is what you should do.
5. After one year more attention, you find you are not expert in doing it and it always makes you exhausted instead of making you happy and relaxed, the thing is not what you should do, and then please find another thing what you like and follow steps above.
Note: Only the thing you are interested in, can make you more relaxed and happy during doing it, and it is from your nature and your mission God gives you.

Hope you can find your mission by above talk.

Dr Wang

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It is the time to rethink Cinnamon for Diabetes!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

As we all know, Cinnamon is taken as a popular natural herb for diabetes patients, and it is true that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar in some degree, but recently I received one patient from Canada  called Renzo, he has always been taking Cinnamon for long years to treat diabetes, after years passed, he is still in diabetes condition though his blood sugar is not that much, but he gets hot feeling on face, hands and foots often before he sleeps, and this hot feeling makes him not to sleep well.

Here, I will explain some points and then people will easily understand:

1. It is true that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar in some degree, there are many scientific articles claimed this.

2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Cinnamon is excessive hot, tastes pungent and sweet.

3. Diabetes is characterized by excessive hungry, excessive thirsty, excessive losing weight and highest blood sugar in earlier and middle stage; in late stage, fatigue, weakness, and multi-complications and multi organs failure are main problems, in this stage, blood sugar level is not that much.

4. In traditional Chinese Medicine, Diabetes in earlier and middle stage belongs to Type I Diabetes which is diagnosed as Yin(Water Property Substance) Deficiency & Blood Heat, in this stage, if you take cinnamon, it will increase hot toxic in the blood, and will worsen diabetes because it is excessive hot herb, that is why Renzo will appear hot feelings on his face, legs and hands before he sleeps; Diabetes in late stage belongs to Type II Diabetes which is diagnosed as Yang (Fire Property Substance) Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes, in this stage, if you take cinnamon, it is correct because its excessive hot property will adjust body’s Yang Deficiency, and your body will become better and better or to prevent diabetes becomes worse.

5. Above information also reminds us that focusing on blood sugar level only can not deal diabetes finally, focusing on fixing body’s function and symptoms changes is the correct way to treat Diabetes.

Hope this article will help diabetes people especially who are taking cinnamon can pay attention to use Cinnamon.



How Get and Keep Good Emotions

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

In the article “What is Good Emotions”, I have talked “Good emotions means no excessive emotions above, keeping calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind can make you have good emotions.” But how to keep calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind? This project talks easy, but if want to achieve it, maybe some people have never thought this project, maybe some people think it is impossible or it is most difficult thing in the world, because they say there are too many things around them troubling them. As my experience and knowledge, I advise people should consider in this way below:

1. We should live and deal things in calm and peaceful mind, because no matter how you will become mad or not, once things happen, they will happen, to be anxious is useless.

2. Since to be anxious is useless, what should we do? We should make efforts to find ways to settle it down with calm and peaceful mind, if you can not find ways to settle it down finally, just leave it alone, time will consume it, what you should keep is peaceful mind!(Peaceful mind can only give you more conscious head to find ways)

3. What you should focus on is the present time. For the past and future, please not consider it too much, for the past, experience and lessons are only kept in mind naturally; for the future, we only need one direction will be ok. Please not let the past and the future become burden for you, to do what you should do now.

4. Trouble is not trouble, it is people always trouble themselves.

5. Everything has two sides: positive and negative, if you can consider everything in its positive way, the everything will give you positive feedback, so you will never be hurt by them, you will grow to be powerful from your experience.

6. To do what you should do can help you keep calm and peaceful mind. God produces us, and each of us has its own position in the world, each of us can not do anything in the world, if you are doing what you should not do,  you will be very tired and depressed, finally you will lose health. To do anything is equal to do nothing finally.

How can I know what should I do?

7. To love people and to help people can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

8. To do deep breath  and taiji boxing etc. can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

9.  To meditate wide sea and happy things often can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

Dr Wang

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Two Classic Type of Diabetes Patients

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I have received three diabetes patients recently in my local place:

All these three patients from my one friend, who is our company registeration agent, one is his mother, the second is his uncle, the third is his father in law.

His mother, 56 years old, 3 years history with diabetes, I sent 2 months supply of GlucoNature to his mother one and half month ago, recently I received his calls and he said GlucoNature is really good and his mother’s most diabetes symptoms disappeared, and she feels much happy, his uncle and his father in law also has diabetes and he had invited them to my office.

His uncle, 54 years old, working in Personnel Bureau, over 10 years diabetes. During last 10 years, he could not control his diet because it is impossible to manage his mouth as civil servant, and also he did not follow doctor’s advice to take chemicals strictly, only sometimes took, most time he did not take chemicals. His present body conditions mostly are ok except for a little higher blood sugar level, he has energy to work, to live and to trip. Afer I checked his condition, I told him you are in earlier stage of diabetes though you have been diagnosed as diabetes over 10 years, in fact you even need not to take GlucoNature, I recommended him one kind of tea, and told him this tea can protect you your later life…

His father in law, 60 years old, retired, over 10 years of diabetes. During last 10 more years, he followed the doctor’s advice strictly, never touched foods and drinks with sugar, took melbine etc., up to now, he has to inject insulin to support life. He becomes very weak now, pale face and even he can not walk himself free, when he came to my office, he was carried by his daughter in law…… I told him you only can use two months treatment of GlucoNature, and after two months we should offer individual treatment by comprehensive plan… In fact to recover him is very difficult now.

There is so big difference between these two patients who follows and does not follows strict control treatment, it apparently tells us Glucose is first important for people, only controling blood sugar level without fixing body functions is wrong….

Doctor Wang


How to Tell the Correct Products

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

It is very easy to tell if the product is correct for you:

Once you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become more serious, this product is not correct for you, it is not treating your problems, it is hiding real reason of your problems, it is hurting your body.

Once you stop taking it after required treatment period, your body become better than before, this product is correct for you, to cure your problems is only a matter of time.

This method is the key to tell if the product is correct, it is used for all products or drugs.

Here I offer two examples:

Once diabetes patients stop taking chemical treatment, their blood sugar will become much more higher than before treatment, and much more complications happens during taking chemical treatment, so people will know…

Once hypertension patients stop taking chemical treatment, their blood pressure will become much more higher than before treatment, and much more complications happens during taking chemical treatment, so people will know…

What’s more, at the begining you take one tablet will be ok, but later you need two or more tablets to control…


Deep Breath for Diabetes

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We have talked the way of using jujube pits to help diabetes patients’ recovery in daytime, it is easy to do and effective for your health.

Now I will introduce another way to do before you sleep, it is also easy and helpful for your health, it is Deep Breath.

How to do deep breath?

After you go to bed, please lie down calmly and try to forget everything and focus attention to your breath, and then inhale the air, the slower the better, till you can not inhale more air, then stop and hold breath, till you can not hold, and then exhale the air, the slower the better, till you can not exhale more air, this is one time deep breath. To do nexth deep breath as the way above, till you sleep unconsciously.

How deep breath works for diabetes?
Deep breath can make lung system and kidney system works together much more better: Lung system offers water-property substance for kidney system to nourish kidney yin, while most diabetes patients in earlier and middle stage is in yin deficiency status.

Deep breath can increase pressure in chest, so blood can into extremities much more easier to nourish, so deep breath can improve limb numbness and blurred vision etc. which are caused by bad microcirculation.

Deep breath can reduce nerve excitement, so it can do great help for sleep.

Deep breath also  can improve digestion functions.

So deep breath not only does good for diabetes, but for everyone, including the health, the sub-health and patients, to practise Deep Breath every day before you sleep, is a good habit of excercise, it will help you gain health back.



Using Jujube Pits for Diabetes

Sunday, September 16th, 2012
Jujube Pits

Jujube Pits

During Daytime, maybe when you working, when you playing, when you talking and when you travelling etc., take three jujube, eat jujube meat and keep jujube pits in your mouth, the jujube pits will attract liquid of mouth out, then swallow the liquid into stomach.

The liquid in the mouth is the best of nourishing yin(water property substance of the body), in earlier and middle stage of Diabetes, the diabetes belongs to Yin Deficiency and Blood Heat type, so that is why this method will help diabetes patients’ recovery.

To Get Jujube and Jujube Pits

Dr Wang


What is Jujube?

Sunday, September 16th, 2012
jujube, jujube tree, chinese date tree

Jujube Tree

Jujube, also called a Chinese date, is a hardy fruit with a history going back approximately 4,000 years. In the United States jujube grows mainly in southwestern states, although according to California Rare Fruit Growers, a jujube tree can withstand unlimited summer temperatures and winter temperatures of minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Jujube is sweet fruit that tastes best when dried, although you can eat it fresh or use it as a cooking or baking ingredient. Depending on how you choose to use it, jujube can provide both nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Jujube fruit is a good source of vitamin C, a vitamin you must get from dietary sources because your body cannot manufacture it. According to Nutrition Data, a single, 1 oz. serving of raw jujube provides 32 percent of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. This vitamin is important for cell growth and repair, collagen formation and wound healing. In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage.

Insomnia Treatment
Jujube contains the saponins jujubosides A and B, both of which natural medicine consider as having a sedative effect on your body. The results of a 2009 animal study completed at the Peking University, School of Basic Medical Science and published in June 2010 in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” provide some evidence for this theory. Study results state that administering 9 mg of jujubosides once per day for three days produced a significant increase in total sleep time as well as in the quality of rapid eye movement, or REM, deep sleep in the rats participating in the study.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Oil extracted from the seeds of jujube fruit may be beneficial in reducing skin inflammation, according to an animal study completed at Daegu University’s Department of Biotechnology in the Republic of Korea. This study, published in 2010 in “Food and Chemical Toxocology” states that using both a one percent and 10 percent essential oil suspension resulted in a significant decrease in skin inflammation as well as a 51 and 53 percent decrease in fluid produced by the inflammatory response.

Tumor Cell Reduction
Research is continuing to determine how effective jujube is in preventing tumor cell formation/reduction. A 2008 study completed at the Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in Mashhad, Iran and published in the February 2008 edition of “Cytotechnology Journal” showed that jujube extract appears to have tumor inhibiting capabilities, especially in T cells affected by leukemia. More research is necessary, however, to discover the components causing this effect and understand how they work.

Other uses

The jujube’s sweet smell is said to make teenagers fall in love, and as a result, in the Himalaya and Karakoram regions, men take a stem of sweet-smelling jujube flowers with them or put it on their hats to attract women.

In the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, jujube and walnut were often placed in the newlyweds’ bedroom as a sign of fertility.

In Bhutan, the leaves are used as a potpourri to help keep the houses of the inhabitants smelling fresh and clean. It is also said to keep bugs and other insects out of the house and free of infestation.

In Japan, the natsume has given its name to a style of tea caddy used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

In Korea, the wood is used to make the body of the taepyeongso, a double-reed wind instrument.

In Vietnam, the jujube fruit is eaten freshly picked from the tree as a snack. It is also dried and used in desserts, such as sâm bổ lượng, a cold beverage that includes the dried jujube, longan, fresh seaweed, barley, and lotus seeds.

To see how Dr Wang talk of using Jujube Pits for diabetes


Correct Products of Diabetes

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Dr Wang recommends GlucoNature for diabetes patients, that is because:

GlucoNature Check List

@ Help to improve microcirculation of extemities

@ Help to adjust blood sugar to normal level

@ Help to clear hot toxic in blood Help to relieve insomnia

@ Help to minimise complications

@ Help to reduce side effects of chemicals

@ Allows free eating in terms of diet

@ 100% natural product No known side effects

@ 20 years of formula research

@ 5 years of successful application

@ USA FDA Verified

GlucoNature out Performs the Rest

1. GlucoNature is created as GESIN Standard: Geoherbalism, Effectiveness, Safety, Individuation, Nature, and especially Individuation service system(see below) sets GlucoNature firmly apart from the rest for diabetes.

2. GlucoNature can help to keep patient’s body to balancing blood sugar itself.

3. GlucoNature can help to reduce chemicals side effects.

4. GlucoNature also can help free eating in terms of diet.

5. If you selected GlucoNature, you selected a complete service system.

GlucoNature  has complete service system, including Qingdao HESHOUTANG International TCM Treatment Center for individual treatment plan by TCM way, HESHOUTANG BBS where customers can submit questions to get help during taking GlucoNature!



What is Good Emotions

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I have mentioned this point: Mind is power source of in “Diabetes Causes in Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Keeping calm, peaceful, and happy mind will do good to health, on the contrary, it will do bad to health.

Mind produces emotions, such as:  Joy, Anger, Thinking, Sadness, Fear.  Excessive emotions hurt the body, such as excessive joy hurts heart system (palpitation, insomnia, if serious, people will become mad etc.), excessive anger hurts liver system(hepatalgia, swelling belly, inappetence, bitter mouth, upset,  moan and groan etc.), excessive thinking hurts digestion system(inappetence, indigestion, stomach swelling etc.), excesive sadness hurts lung system(cough, shortness of breath, asthma etc.), excessive fear hurts kidney system(Erectile Sysfunction, night emission, tinnitus, deaf, dizziness etc.).

At the begining of excessive emotions influence to body, you feel uncomfortable, but when you go to hospital to check, doctor will say you have no problem, that is because the problems are in functional conditions, not in organic lesions, and the machine can only find organic lesions. Functional disorders means you are still in earlier stage, but western machines can not find the problem, only the problem is into late stage: Organic Lesions, the machine can find. So it is western medicine makes so many late stage diseases, so many uncurable diseases.

To kill the problem in its earlier stage, it is only depends on you yourself, not depends on western medicine, because western hospital can not find it when the problem in earlier stage. Once you feel uncomfortable, check if you have bad habits, and then change your bad habits, the problems will be fixed by your body itself.

Good emotions means no excessive emotions above, keeping calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind can make you have good emotions.

To learn how get and keep good emotions

Dr Wang