How can I know what should I do?

Evernone knows the sentence to do what you should do is the best, but how to know what is what you should do or what is your mission in your life?
What you should do is not decided by your parents, your boss, your friends and neither by anyother people, it is decided by you yourself.
To tell what you should do follow below possibly:
1. Select things what you like or what your are interested in.
2. The thing you like must from your deep mind, not from how much money it can bring you now.
3. Pay all attention to do what you like.
4. After pay all attention to do things you like 1 year or more, you find you are expert in what you like, then it is what you should do.
5. After one year more attention, you find you are not expert in doing it and it always makes you exhausted instead of making you happy and relaxed, the thing is not what you should do, and then please find another thing what you like and follow steps above.
Note: Only the thing you are interested in, can make you more relaxed and happy during doing it, and it is from your nature and your mission God gives you.

Hope you can find your mission by above talk.

Dr Wang

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