How Get and Keep Good Emotions

In the article “What is Good Emotions”, I have talked “Good emotions means no excessive emotions above, keeping calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind can make you have good emotions.” But how to keep calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind? This project talks easy, but if want to achieve it, maybe some people have never thought this project, maybe some people think it is impossible or it is most difficult thing in the world, because they say there are too many things around them troubling them. As my experience and knowledge, I advise people should consider in this way below:

1. We should live and deal things in calm and peaceful mind, because no matter how you will become mad or not, once things happen, they will happen, to be anxious is useless.

2. Since to be anxious is useless, what should we do? We should make efforts to find ways to settle it down with calm and peaceful mind, if you can not find ways to settle it down finally, just leave it alone, time will consume it, what you should keep is peaceful mind!(Peaceful mind can only give you more conscious head to find ways)

3. What you should focus on is the present time. For the past and future, please not consider it too much, for the past, experience and lessons are only kept in mind naturally; for the future, we only need one direction will be ok. Please not let the past and the future become burden for you, to do what you should do now.

4. Trouble is not trouble, it is people always trouble themselves.

5. Everything has two sides: positive and negative, if you can consider everything in its positive way, the everything will give you positive feedback, so you will never be hurt by them, you will grow to be powerful from your experience.

6. To do what you should do can help you keep calm and peaceful mind. God produces us, and each of us has its own position in the world, each of us can not do anything in the world, if you are doing what you should not do,  you will be very tired and depressed, finally you will lose health. To do anything is equal to do nothing finally.

How can I know what should I do?

7. To love people and to help people can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

8. To do deep breath  and taiji boxing etc. can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

9.  To meditate wide sea and happy things often can help you keep calm and peaceful mind.

Dr Wang

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