What is Good Emotions

I have mentioned this point: Mind is power source of in “Diabetes Causes in Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Keeping calm, peaceful, and happy mind will do good to health, on the contrary, it will do bad to health.

Mind produces emotions, such as:  Joy, Anger, Thinking, Sadness, Fear.  Excessive emotions hurt the body, such as excessive joy hurts heart system (palpitation, insomnia, if serious, people will become mad etc.), excessive anger hurts liver system(hepatalgia, swelling belly, inappetence, bitter mouth, upset,  moan and groan etc.), excessive thinking hurts digestion system(inappetence, indigestion, stomach swelling etc.), excesive sadness hurts lung system(cough, shortness of breath, asthma etc.), excessive fear hurts kidney system(Erectile Sysfunction, night emission, tinnitus, deaf, dizziness etc.).

At the begining of excessive emotions influence to body, you feel uncomfortable, but when you go to hospital to check, doctor will say you have no problem, that is because the problems are in functional conditions, not in organic lesions, and the machine can only find organic lesions. Functional disorders means you are still in earlier stage, but western machines can not find the problem, only the problem is into late stage: Organic Lesions, the machine can find. So it is western medicine makes so many late stage diseases, so many uncurable diseases.

To kill the problem in its earlier stage, it is only depends on you yourself, not depends on western medicine, because western hospital can not find it when the problem in earlier stage. Once you feel uncomfortable, check if you have bad habits, and then change your bad habits, the problems will be fixed by your body itself.

Good emotions means no excessive emotions above, keeping calm, peaceful, happy and wide-broad mind can make you have good emotions.

To learn how get and keep good emotions

Dr Wang



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